Chapter 596

Chapter 596

Seeing the message from Alexis on the way back, Scarlett realized they were lucky today. Of course, Scarlett was smart so that they could take the "shortcut".

Yet the other guests were not so lucky. Shaylee and Kasey chose the ropeway. It was the easiest way up the mountain, but they were tricked by the crew. They fell into a big pit and spent more than an hour climbing out of it.

After that, the crew told them not to take the cable car down the mountain. They could only walk down. Alexis said Shaylee almost quit the show at that time, but Shaylee received a call from her agent. No one knew what her agent said to her. Shaylee gritted her teeth and continued.

The other three groups were cautious. They thought that since the ropeway was so relaxing, there must be a trap. Thus, the other three groups chose the twisting mountain road, but as they were halfway up the mountain, the crew told them this road was blocked. As a result, they could only turn back and walk along the
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