Chapter 610

Chapter 610

When he saw the clothes for the first time, he didn't think that there was something wrong, so he didn’t ask Jane. But after seeing such clothes several times, Joe thought that something was wrong.

But Jane’s behavior seemed not strange, except that she was not as passionate as before when they had sex.

As she and Joe had been together for three years, Joe thought that her change was normal.

And since he proposed to her, Jane had accompanied him to work almost every day, so he dispelled his previous doubts.

But tonight, Joe knew that the two men definitely knew Jane!

He recognized one of the men, who showed in the photo of Jane's phone photo album. Jane had told Joe that the photo was taken when she took part in a party organized by a game group.

"Joe, I don't know them! I swear to God, if I really cheated on you, I would end up miserably!"

Joe stood up. "You're really cruel to yourself! I’ll divorce you. If you don't want this matter to be disclosed, go to City Hal
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