Chapter 612

Chapter 612

After all these years, Linley was still the same as before.

Scarlett was touched, so she said, "Okay. I got it."

Saying that, she paused, lowered her head to glance at Raymond's hand on her waist, and smiled, "It's a nice day. You should go shopping with your mother."

"Okay. Bye."

"Have a good weekend."

"You too."

Hanging up the phone, Linley looked down at her phone. After a long time, she turned her head to look out of the window next to her.

Jane had not only told her about that incident, she had also said a lot about Darnell and her.

Jane said that Scarlett was crazy. After all these years, Scarlett still wanted to take revenge for Linley.

Linley hadn't often thought of those desperate things these days. But after hearing Jane's words, she seemed to be trapped into that abyss.

However, thinking of what Scarlett had said just now, Linley thought that she should hang out with her mother on such a sunny day.

Linley's mother came in with some fruit, "Do you want
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