Chapter 654

Chapter 654

Shaylee still wrote in the tweet that a person wanted to be popular, but this person didn’t rely on her own abilities, but on the answers that she had got in advance. But for the investment, how could this person have won so easily?

Shaylee had been very popular in recent years. As soon as the tweet was sent, her fans associated it with “Running Forward” that she participated in this year. Many fans were guessing whom Shaylee was decrying implicitly. But since there were four non-celebrity persons participated in it and the show hadn’t been broadcast, it was difficult to guess the person.

However, the first episode of the show would be broadcast in September. When the show was broadcast, people would naturally connect it with Shaylee’s post, which was obviously directed at Scarlett.

Alexis was an A-list, so she dared to immediately get even with the actors who embarrassed her. But Scarlett was not an actor, so it was not appropriate for her to do so. Although Scarlett m
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