Chapter 696

Chapter 696

Raymond didn't care what tricks Ryker would play. Anyway, Ryker couldn't beat him.

Early the next morning, Scarlett knew Ryker's scheme.

Yesterday afternoon the recording was spread in their circle. The photos of Jean and Raymond "quarreling" were posted on the Internet this morning.

In fact, perhaps only Jean was making a scene. After all, Raymond didn't even bother to take a look at her.

The photos and the recording of Jean admitting that Raymond was not her son were "leaked" on the Internet at almost the same time.

Within a week, the rumor that Raymond was not Zacharie's son seemed to have been confirmed.

Unsurprisingly, Tenton' stock price fell faster this time. Even Eric and Edward contacted Katherine, wanting to sell their shares.

Obviously, seeing the dramatic change, many people realized that Tenton would be in turmoil.

When bigwigs clashed, some ordinary people would get caught in the crossfire. Eric and Edward had intended to wait and see what would happe
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