Chapter 747

Chapter 747

Scarlett did not ask how Justin handled Brandy’s resignation, as she believed that Justin would address it appropriately.

Scarlett ignored the trouble caused by Kyleigh. No matter how Kyleigh teamed up with several media to defame Scarlett, Scarlett kept silent.

After a few days, Ryker and Jean thought that their cooperation with Kyleigh didn’t work. Because Scarlett stayed silent, and the Tank family even refused to see Kyleigh.

The fact that Raymond was not Zacharie's biological son became unimportant after the news spread that Scarlett was Rowan's granddaughter. And Tenton's stock had been rising slowly in the past few days.

Ryker was so angry that he threw several cups. But this was not the worst thing. The worst thing was this. He planned to take advantage of the decline in Tenton’s stocks to buy them when the rumor circulated that Raymond was not Zacharie's biological son some time ago. But someone bought the stocks before Ryker took action. So, Ryker didn’t dare
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