Chapter 802

Chapter 802

While the two were confused, Katherine came in. "Ms. Green, Ms. Taylor, I'll walk you out."

Since Scarlett had said so, Shaylee didn't want to be recognized by others later. If words of her coming to apologize to Scarlett got out, it would got on the trending topics. So when Scarlett offered to let it go, she was glad to leave the matter behind.

After all, she wanted to get it over with Scarlett. She would never mess with Scarlett again.

Fannie watched Scarlett in confusion for a moment. When Scarlett found Fannie looking at her, she nodded her head and smiled at her.

Then Fannie had to withdraw her eyes and got up to leave.

She wondered how Scarlett, who was so "harsh" a few moments ago, was letting things go so easily now.

Fannie was confused, but Shaylee didn't think much about it.

Shaylee thought after all, she had been quite popular for so many years and that Sunrigal Corporation would
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