Chapter 805

Chapter 805

Cindy knew what Scarlett was referring to. She felt shy and lowered her head.

Jake and everyone had already arrived. Scarlett didn't talk much to Cindy. She took Raymond's hand, and the four of them walked into the Club together.

Raymond had been busy dealing with Ryker for the last few months, and he hadn't seen Jake and everyone else for a while.

Now they were all together, so after saying hello to Jake, Scarlett planned to get aside with Cindy to talk privately, leaving the guys alone.

Cindy also couldn't wait to share her story with Scarlett. She wanted to thank Scarlett for giving her the wonderful advice so that Harley expressed his love to her.

Scarlett looked over at Cindy, who was looking at her with an excited look, and smiled, "Excuse us. Cindy and I will go sit over there."

Stephen was relieved to have Scarlett looking after Cindy.

And with Cindy by Scarlett's
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