Chapter 819

Chapter 819

Scarlett glanced at Katherine, and Katherine stepped aside knowingly.

When there was only Scarlett and Libby, Scarlett looked at Libby and asked, "What's the matter? Can you talk about it now?"

Thinking of the words she heard just now, Libby felt hesitant. "When I went to the washroom just now, I passed a room. Its door was open. I glanced curiously and found an acquaintance inside, so I stopped for a while and happened to hear them mention you. That person is Ryker's secretary. I heard him say that they had made preparations and they were waiting for you on Uslaraw Road to take you away."

Libby glanced at Scarlett, feeling that she might be a little abrupt. "Maybe I heard it wrong."

The relationship between Ryker and Raymond was not good, and Scarlett was Raymond's girlfriend. Besides, Scarlett teamed up with Raymond to teach Ryker a lesson not long ago, so Libby thought it possible for Ryker to take revenge on Scarlett and Raymond.

Scarlett looked at Libby in front
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