Chapter 826

Chapter 826

Soon, many people knew that Ryker had kidnapped Scarlett. On the second day of the holiday, Tenton's stock immediately went limit down.

The impact of this incident was particularly huge. Tenton had been in turmoil and had ups and downs recently. The outsiders were speculating whether it would collapse.

Of course, those knowledgeable people knew that was not possible.

First, Scarlett was now one of the shareholders of Tenton. Even if Raymond was the only shareholder, Tenton was really unlikely to collapse because Raymond had a good relationship with the Smith family, the Thomas family, and the James family.

But now the internal shareholders of Tenton actually had such a big conflict, and the conflict even escalated into kidnapping. Many people did feel that Tenton had too many problems this year.

In order to make Tenton suffer more, Scott paid a lot of media outlets and asked them to hint that Raymond was considering selling Tenton.

After the news was spread, Frank r
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