Chapter 838

Chapter 838

Looking down at her watch, Scarlett said, "It's not even four yet. There is a recreation room on the second floor. Let's play billiards downstairs."

While waiting for Raymond just now, she had strolled around the second floor.

There were all kinds of amusement facilities on the second floor. Most of the guests were not in the hotel during the day, so very few people were there.

She hadn't played billiards for a long time, so she wanted to take this opportunity to relax.

"Okay, I'll go change another set of clothes." Raymond said.

Scarlett nodded, picked up the magazine on the table, and flipped through it.

Generally speaking, people would change their clothes in the bathroom. However, Raymond started changing his clothes directly next to his suitcase.

Hearing the sound of the belt buckle behind her, Scarlett blushed.

She was looking at the magazine, but her thoughts were no longer on the magazine.

When she heard the sound of changing clothes, her heart kept poundi
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