Chapter 872

Chapter 872

Scarlett blushed and replied, "Yeap."

In the past, Raymond liked to lick her lower lip with his tongue at the end of the kiss.

Chris then asked, "Well, which room do you live in?"


Scarlett then stepped out of his arms and looked at him, "No need to escort me inside. I can go back on my own."


Then she turned around and walked to her room.

When she reached the door, she looked around and didn't see Chris following her. She then entered her room and closed the door.

The room was quiet.

She touched her lips and couldn't help smiling.

Then her eyes misted over as she smiled.

She covered her eyes and couldn't believe it was true.

Chris did not get into the elevator until he saw Scarlett enter her room.

He kissed Scarlett the same way in his dream the night before.

He thought it was a dream. However, it seemed that it might not be a dream but true.

However, only when he remembered everything could he know whether it was a dream or not.

When he returned
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