Chapter 889

Chapter 889

Scarlett did not help but laugh before Alexander. "Do I need to lie to you?"

Actually, Alexander thought that was possible, but he did not dare to say yes lest Raymond come back and knock him out later.

"Where is Ray? Where is he now?"

"He is still abroad. In Bomsville."

Alexander froze for a moment. "Wasn't he in Deeton City before the accident? How come he went to Bomsville? Why did not he come back? Is there something wrong with his health? I don't think so. He looks fine in this photo. Does he lose his memory?"

Scarlett had to say that Alexander was imaginative, but his imagination was kind of reasonable.

In a word, Alexander actually guessed right.

Frank also did not expect Alexander to guess right. He was stunned and glanced at Scarlett. He then explained to Alexander, "Mr. Shaw is fine. He does not return to Jakesville just because he has lost his memory."

Alexander was stunned this time. "I was just kidding. Does he really lose his memory?"

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