Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021

Viviana knitted her brows at Scarlett's words. Even Yair couldn't help but lower his voice and say to Scarlett, "Ms. Reed?"

Scarlett glanced at Yair, gave a smile and then cast a look at Viviana.

Viviana did not speak, but her face was very frigid as well.

After saying that, Scarlett took two steps forward and pointed at Gormend in front of her. "I want to kiss him first."

On hearing her words, someone snapped, "Why him? If someone is to get your kiss first, it should be Kenneth!"

Scarlett flicked a glance at their leader. "Kenneth, do you know why I want to kiss him first?"

Kenneth had been the headman of this band of people for years. What Scarlett just said struck him as faintly humiliating. He was baffled as to why she thought him inferior to Gormend.


Scarlett's lips curved in a smile. "Not only am I going to kiss him first, but I'll also give him an extra kiss, because he strikes me as your chief."

"Take a closer look. Which one of us looks more like
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