Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029

"Devin, do you know that beauty?"

It was the first time that Owen had seen someone refuse Devin. Devin was always popular. When he was in kindergarten, girls encircled him and gave him candy, toys, and pens. Later, he became a pupil. Girls clamored to be his deskmate and teammates. In junior middle school, a lot of girls chased him.

Devin had many girlfriends. Most of them were Devin's admirers. He had only pursued several women. One was the prettiest girl in the foreign languages department of his college, and the other was that beautiful woman.

Devin broke up with that girl after dating her for about three months.

Owen hadn't seen Devin ask for a woman's phone number for many years. Moreover, the woman said she didn't remember Devin.

Owen was shocked.

Devin was very handsome. Few people could forget him.

The other people present were also confused. Many of them were curious about the relationship between Scarlett and Devin.

As soon as Owen asked Devin, those who
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