Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043

At night, Scarlett had fallen asleep in bed. Raymond carefully moved his arm off Scarlett's body and tucked her in. And then he got out of bed and went outside the room and called Frank.

Raymond had informed Frank in advance that he was back, so Frank was not surprised to receive Raymond's call. "What’s the matter, Mr. Shaw?"

"I need you to investigate a man for me."

Frank was confused for a moment, but he quickly responded, "No problem. What's the name?"

"Devin Roach."

Hearing the name, Frank immediately understood. Someone had been investigating Scarlett in secret. Frank was afraid that the person was going to do harm to Scarlett, so he blocked most of Scarlett's information.

"Okay, Mr. Shaw. I'll email his file to you later."

"OK," Raymond responded. Then he hung up the phone.

Scarlett had never told Raymond about Devin. Raymond believed Scarlett didn't mean to keep it f
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