Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044

Seeing Raymond’s appearance, Scarlett raised her eyebrows and said, "Why not go back to sleep?"

"I think I've had my fill."

He stirred slightly and looked in the mirror, which reflected him with Scarlett in his arms.

Such intimate movement made him feel real and warm, and he hugged her even tighter, "Could you spare me a few days, honey?"

On hearing that, Scarlett snorted, "Do you have any plans, Mr. Shaw?"

"Of course, we haven't taken our wedding photos yet."

Scarlett recalled that their wedding photos had been ordered but never taken as he said this.

Scarlett turned her head, held his gaze, and blushed, "I see."

"I've finished washing," she said as she parted his hand from her waist.

With that, she bent down and moved out of his arms. As she reached the door, she turned to look at him, "I’m going down to make sandwiches."

Although she was not a good cook, sandwiches were not difficult for her.

"You don't have to do that. I've asked Frank to bring breakfast."

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