Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071

Scarlett put her phone down and lifted her head to glance at Raymond.

When Raymond heard the bell of the gate ring, he frowned.

It was raining outside, and the filming had been suspended. None of Daisy's subordinates would be so insensible as to visit them at this point in time.

Raymond believed that the visitor was probably a member of the camera crew of Alexander's company. He put the food which were done on a plate, handed it to Scarlett, rose to his feet and answered the door.

The door had just opened when he saw several people standing outside.

Brenden was surprised at the sight of Raymond. Before he came here, his superior had emphasized repeatedly this villa had been shut down specially for Alexander's friend. Alexander had agreed to let them use this villa as a setting during their intensive filming session solely because they worked for the Slooworld Corporation. In no circumstance should they disturb Alexander's friend during the filming.

Considering Alex
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