Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094

Another shop assistant smiled and added, "I heard the showbiz gossip. Alexis's husband and she seem to grow up together. If I remember correctly, the beautiful young lady who bought the gift just now should be Alexis's best friend, Scarlett. And Scarlett's husband should be the president of Tenton."

"Scarlett and her husband really make a great couple!"

"Yes. They’re made for each other."

It was true that a couple should be well-matched in social and economic status for marriage. Scarlett and Raymond were such a couple.

Scarlett didn't know that buying the gift for Blaze divulged the news that Alexis had given birth to a baby. The news about Alexi’s delivery spread quickly online.

As the hospital where Alexis stayed was a private hospital and had charged Alexis and Justin hundreds of thousands of dollars, it protected Alexis’s privacy well.

So, people only knew that Alexis had delivered a baby, but no one knew about the baby’s gender.

Besides, it was revealed that
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