Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108

After saying congratulations to Raymond, Jake pursed his lips and asked, “But I remember you don’t like children.”

They all knew that Raymond had no good feelings towards children.

But they had no idea whether he really had no interest in children or simply didn’t want to bring up his own child.

Since his father Zacharie was a playboy, Raymond didn’t grow up in a stable and loving environment. Although he was a mature man now, he always had a hole in his heart, for his own family had never brought any joy and warmth to him.

When Raymond and Scarlett got married for the first time, his friends once asked him why he had no plan to have a baby with Scarlett. Although he didn’t love Scarlett back then, he had no intention of divorcing her, and since life was so long, it was better to have a child of his own.

This question was brought up by Alexander. After all, it didn’t matter whether people of their social status got married or not, but they must have their own children.

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