Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157

When the light changed to green, Harley averted his eyes from Cindy and started the car.

Cindy looked at the box in her hand, then at Harley, and ventured, "Can I open it right now?"


Cindy then carefully tore off the wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper with a pair of decorative flowers was beautiful. Cindy thought it was Harley's first gift to her, and she wanted to keep it well.

She was so intent on unwrapping the gift that she didn't notice the car stopped again.

The city center was a bit congested during rush hour. They were stuck on the overpass.

Harley turned to look at Cindy, who was focusing on wrapping the gift. He remembered the year Cindy turned eighteen and the gift he had secretly placed in her bag that she had opened with the same care.

She always seemed to value what others gave her.

Cindy opened the box and was surprised to see a rabbit pendant, "Wow, so cute!"

Cindy was an innocent girl growing up under Stephen's careful protection. Altho
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