Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164

He did part-time jobs and made 3,000 dollars in a semester. The day he fainted, he had planned to go to the hospital to pay the money and let his grandmother have chemo.

But he was stopped by the bullies from the vocational high school. He brawled with them like a wolf, but he still lost the 3,000 bucks in the end.

On the way back, he felt like his world was all dark.

He walked in the snow like one without a soul, but he could feel that someone was watching him.

'Laughing at me, right?' he thought.

He had been ridiculed for a long time. When he was young, some laughed at his grandmother for picking up things others threw to sell; when he was older, some mocked him as a parentless wild child; when he got older, some taunted him for being one who would haggle over a penny.

He let them laugh, and he was already used to it.

This world was like this. When your weak points were shown, others would only laugh at you.

When he fell, he thought his falling was good.
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