Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168

Not long after she worked with Harley, she knew that he was a neat freak, so it was impossible for him to eat another person’s leftovers.

But now he was eating her leftover dishes.

Cindy didn’t know how to describe her current feeling, and she just felt warm and happy.

Noticing her gazing at him, Harley looked up at her. "Do you still want to eat?"

Cindy felt embarrassed. "I can't eat that much."

"You didn’t eat much."

Few women wanted to be regarded as a big eater.

Hearing this, Cindy became happier.

She was drinking the hawthorn tea while Harley was eating, neither of whom spoke. The office was very quiet, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Almost few people thought that Harley, such a detached man, would peel shrimps for his girlfriend and eat her leftovers.

Everyone who knew it would be surprised by Harley’s love for Cindy.

Though Harley ate quickly, his bearing was not rude at all. Cindy had not drunk half of the hawthorn tea before he had finished hi
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