Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273

Luis suddenly shouted at him, so the boy who just threw the ball knew he was wrong. Just now, he saw a strange girl over there where Luis was, somehow he threw the ball over.

But then he was stunned, and now he was just smashed by Luis, so he didn't dare to say anything.

The gym teacher stepped forward and pulled Luis away, "All right, it wasn't intentional."

Luis did not speak, and his face was very cold.

Benny pulled Luis, "Let it pass. The teacher is here!"

Luis glanced at him, and then Benny stepped back.

Watching this scene, Alexa kept tightening her hands holding mineral water, and the bottle was almost crushed.

Selina was also in shock. After coming to her sense, she looked back at Alison and asked, "Alison, are you okay?"

Alison shook her head and replied, "I'm fine."

But if Luis hadn't just jumped to catch the ball, she would have been hurt now.

Thinking of the scene just now, Alison subconsciously looked at Luis.

The game was suspended. While Luis wa
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