Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300

"Ah, you should be proud of it. I can assure you that they're right! You're beautiful!"

While they were chatting, the taxi soon arrived at its destination.

The Couple Street was kind of far away from the villa. It was already 9:40 when Alison and Alexa arrived there.

Alexa was correct. The street was packed on weekends.

The couples from nearby universities came to shop, and high school students came for fun.

Alison had never been to this place before, and Alexa acted as the guide.

The street was lined with many fascinating stores. Alison selected a few ornaments for Alexis and the others.

"Alison, let's go. I know a great place!"

Alison put down an elephant ornament and asked, "What kind of place?"

She had been in a less-developed town for 16 years. For her, everything about this metropolis was new and intriguing.

"You'll know soon!"

Alexa kept her friend in suspense, leading Alison to run while checking her phone.

A creative studio where people could hav
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