Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305

Alexa was furious, and she asked Zion to forcibly take Oliva and Celia to KTV.

Oliva and Celia always treated Alison in an overbearing manner, but now they were a little afraid when being faced with Alexa, Zion and the other four people.

Oliva looked at Alexa, who was walking beside her angrily, and asked, “Where are you going to take us? We will call the police!”

Hearing her words, Alexa just smiled. “Call the police? OK, you can do that. I also want to ask the police if the photos on your mobile phone can be considered evidence!”

Oliva’s mobile phone was full of Alison’s photos, which were taken by her at their junior high school’s dormitory. At that time, she bullied Alison with other roommates, and Alison was unable to resist them. Therefore, she easily stripped Alison’s clothes and took those photos.

When Oliva was unhappy, she would use those photos as a threat to bully Alison, and Alison didn’t dare to resist. The only time she resisted her was in the playgrou
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