Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330

Alison intended to tell Alexa about the matter, but it was already late at night. Therefore, she put away her phone and planned to tell Alexa tomorrow.

The next morning, Alison came out of her room. From the opposite room, Luis also came out with the schoolbag on his back.

As soon as she saw him, what Shaw had said last night crossed her mind.

She pursed her lips and greeted him, "Good morning, Luis."


Luis raised his eyebrows and went downstairs.

Blaze didn't come back last night, so there was no one riding her to Alexa's house.

Alison finished her milk, looked at Luis across the table, and said, "I'm going to school."

It would be a four- or five-minute walk.

Luis grabbed his schoolbag and followed her to stand up. "I'll give you a ride."

His way of speech was always concise and affirmative.

Then Luis disappeared from the staircase.

By the time Alison went downstairs, he had been standing outside, waiting for her. "Get on."

It was not the first tim
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