Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349

Benny was right, but Alison was a shy girl, and she immediately blushed at his words.

Alexa rolled her eyes at Benny and said, "It's not for you. Why are you so curious?"

Luis saw Alison's flushed earlobes. He raised his eyebrows and pulled Benny away. "Have you finished your homework?"

Benny choked immediately. He didn't even dare to contradict Alexa. How dare he argue with Luis?

Benny remembered that he hadn't finished his homework. Immediately, he lost his interest in gossip.

The teacher would check their homework later. He'd better hurry up and finish his homework. Otherwise, if the teacher caught him not doing his homework, he would be punished!

Alison got up and gave way to Luis. Thinking about what Benny had just said, her face burned slightly.

Benny was right that Luis was now helping Alison with her math lesson, so he was literally her tutor. Although Alison also helped Luis with the French voc
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