Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407

Alexa didn't care about what he said. Ever since she disliked Luis, she had found his presence offending to the eye.

Luis had a crush on Alison, but Alison saw him as a brother. Alexa snickered to herself at the thought of it.

She didn't want Alison to know that. Otherwise, she would have laughed out loud.

Alexa told Alison many times that Luis liked her, but the single-minded girl wouldn't believe it. Alexa's efforts only made her doubt it.

So far, Alison still didn't think that Luis liked her.

Alexa, a bystander, was happy to see that.

She recalled those days when Luis kept rejecting her and felt that karma was really a bitch. Now it was Luis's turn to suffer from being rejected.

The more Alexa thought about it, the more delighted she got. Even Alison noticed it. "Alexa, what are you laughing about?"

She looked quite happy.

Upon hearing that, Alexa quickly restrained her emotions. "Nothing, I just remember a dog I used to chase after. Funny, hahaha..."

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