Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410

Alison was not as thick-skinned as Alexa, so she didn’t reject Harvie, "It doesn't matter. You eat it."

She even pushed the tray forward while saying.

Watching her actions, Alexa pulled Harvie's hoodie hat and shouted, "Don’t eat it!"

"Don’t? Alison said I could eat it! "

The noise in the bakery attracted many students to come over.

At this time, the monitor took his cookies out of the other oven. Harvie saw it, walked past Alexa, and intended to grab the cookies.

Alexa picked up the box and asked Alison to pack the cookies, "Alison, hurry up. Pack up the cookies, or these jackals can eat them all at once!"

Hearing Alexa’s words, Alison was confused, "Probably not?"

But then she found the monitor’s freshly baked cookies were only a small half left.

Now Alison believed Alexa’s words. She wanted to take her cookies back and let Blaze and Luis taste them.

Alison hurriedly used paper boxes to pack three boxes of cookies. When she just finished packing the third box,
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