Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416

Alison glanced at Alexa and said, "I'll try my best."

Then she put the bottle in front of her and spun it.

The bottle turned for three circles and then slowly stopped. The person pointed to by the bottle was Alexa.

Others couldn't help laughing, "Alexa, you deserve it."

Alexa snorted, "I can afford to play. What am I afraid of?"

Before Alison spoke, Alexa said, "Alison, I choose Dare. Come on, what do you want me to do?"

Alison didn't want to embarrass Alexa and said, "I'm thirsty. Could you go downstairs and pour me a glass of water?"

Badly satisfied, Janet said, "Alison, it's simple. You can't cover up Alexa like this!"

Alison looked at Alexa and hesitated, "Okay then, Alexa, go downstairs and find a boy to help you pour a glass of water."

Belinda was dissatisfied and said, "No, it's still not difficult!"

Alison blinked her eyes and was embarrassed, "I can't think of anything else!"

"Okay, then let's help you. Isn't it OK?"

Belinda waited for Alison's word
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