Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456

On the third day, Alison woke up early. Luis said that they were going to watch the sunrise today.

The sun rose early in summer. After watching the sunrise, it was less than seven o'clock. The three of them had breakfast together and went back to Juanton City.

Alison got up after five o'clock, so she fell asleep soon after the car got on the highway.

Then Luis also fell asleep.

When Alison woke up, the car had gotten off the highway and was heading for downtown.

Luis stretched his stiff neck while Alison was still asleep.

Raising his eyebrows, Luis looked sideways at the person beside him and reached out to help her head up.

Alison didn’t hold her mobile phone firmly, and it slid down.

Luis didn't catch it, and her mobile phone fell to Alison's feet. Alison woke up with a start. She opened her eyes and looked at him in a daze. "Luis, where are we?"

"We just arrived."

Luis glanced outside the window.

Alison moved her body and realized that she leaned on Luis all
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