"So you can be quiet?" Marcus sounded genuinely curious, as if the question had been bugging him for a while now.

Diana looked over at him in the SUV that were driving them to Marcus's house. "Just enjoying the ride." Was all Diana said.

Truth was she was exhausted but what truly had her so glum was the fact that her own father hadn't bothered to at least say goodbye to her. 

The least he could have done was check on her before sending her off with a stranger, especially since it was his idea to bulldoze her into this marriage.

"Why aren't we going on a honeymoon?" She asked absent mindedly. "Won't people notice and ask questions?" She didn't actually care about what people thought but she knew he did, after all he had married a total stranger just for the sake of his public image, thats how much he cared about his public image.

"A honeymoon was never part of the deal......"

"A deal you made with my father."

"Plus," Marcus continued, ignoring her comment. "I'm going to be busy working so I won't have time for any honeymoon."

So he wasn't going to ask what she wanted, big surprise. Getting upset over this would be a waste of time, after all he was just like her father. 

A selfish man who thought of nothing but his reputation and making money. It didn't matter who they stepped on, just as long as they got what they wanted in the end.

But Diana could put up with her father's less than honorable traits. She had no choice, she loved him but Marcus was an entirely different story. If he thought he could manipulate her and use her as he pleased, then it would cost him big time and not just just his money.

Neither said anything for the remainder of the trip and in a few minutes they had arrived at Marcus's luxury home in Chelsea.

If Diana wasn't so annoyed and frustrated with Marcus, she would be jumping up and down with excitement over the fact that she was now living in this spacious and glamorous mansion. But this day and everyone had sucked the excitement out of her.

Marcus was ushering her to the bedrooms upstairs when he informed her that they weren't going to be sharing a room.

"This will be your room." He said as he opened the door for her.

Diana didn't get inside, she just looked at it and as impressive as it was, she was wondering why they weren't going to be sleeping in the same room.

"Where's your room?" She asked him.

"It's right next to yours."

Diana nodded. "I see." She said and moved past him, making her way to the other room. "The it shall be my room as well."

"What the hell!" Marcus shouted as he followed Diana into his room. "I told you we weren't sharing a room."

"We just got married, why would we sleep in separate rooms?" Diana asked, unfazed by Marcus's obvious anger over her defying him. "Could you unzip my dress?" She asked him innocently.

"Get out." He pointed at the door. "Now!"

"Don't shout at me!" Somehow she managed to unzip her dress all by her own. 

Marcus watched as her dress fell to her feet, leaving her in nothing but pale silk lingerie. Her flawless skin had him imagining all kinds of things, like how easy it would be to leave his mark on her.

His jaw clenched, this was just another reminder that they couldn't possibly share a room and much less a bed, ever.

"Like what you see?" Diana's soft voice pulled him from his horrific thoughts.

"Go to sleep Diana." He tried to sound nonchalant but he was anything but. 

But Diana had other plans. She approached him tauntingly in her half naked state. "I don't want to sleep," she placed her hands on his chest. "Unless it's with you, in that bed." She added as her hands moved to his face.

"That's never going to happen." He said but made no move to step away from her.

"You know you want to." She whispered against his mouth. "You want me." She told him brazenly. "Then take me."

Marcus didn't know if this was a game or not, after all their marriage was fake but he knew one thing, he wanted and she was offering herself to him on a silver platter. He would be a fool to turn her down and he was anything but foolish.

Diana was contemplating what her next move would be if Marcus rejected her when he suddenly grabbed her and kissed her, his mouth violently crushing into her as he lifted her to the massive bed. 

She held on tightly to him, kissing him back with the same urgency, well almost the same, nothing could have prepared him for how he was kissing her. It was almost like he was trying to prove a point, to prove that he could own her and possess her.

It surprised how she wanted him to, it was almost as amazing as the fact that he actually did want her. 

"Marcus," she moaned when his mouth left hers and started sucking on her neck while his hands were all over her body, touching her, caressing her.

She started to touch him so she could take off some of his clothes but he tightly grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands to the side.

"I'm in control," he told her. "Not you."

That shouldn't excite or arouse her, Diana thought but she found herself nodding, agreeing with him.

He started kissing her again and at the same tearing off her lingerie. The piece was expensive but in that moment Diana didn't care, all she wanted was for him to make love to her.

Besides he could a billionaire, he could afford to rip up anything if it pleased him.

"You want me to make love to you?" He asked as he positioned himself on top of her. "Say it." He ordered breathlessly and roughly at the same time.

"What?" Diana asked, her body aching from wanting him so much. He was so close to her and yet so far away.

"Say it!" He repeated and that's when she got it.

"You are in control!"

He gave an evil grin before he started to make love to her, making her cry out with pleasure and something else, shame.

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