Chapter Forty-Two

“Shall we go in Darling? I can smell dinner from here.” Magnus said as he tilted his head up into the air and scented before turning back to look at me, his indigo eyes bright and pulling my focus.

I nipped some scales at his neck before scenting the air and inhaling the scent of hearty pot roast, savoury potatoes and vegetables. I felt my mouth water and my stomach rumbled loud in anticipation of the meal. I detangled myself from Magnus, rather clumsily might I add. After an indignant huff in response to his chuckling, I picked myself off the ground and shook out my body, stretching out my wings and legs. I could feel my dragon's reluctance to switch back and as such, it took longer to shed the form and slip back to my human form. It left me a little drained as I made my way toward my clothes.

“The shift looked difficult. Are you ok?” M

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Debbie Proffer
That was awesome 1 down 5 to go ...

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