Chapter Fifty-Three

I woke in the morning to the feel of light kisses on my neck and warm arms pulling me close to a heated chest. I hummed in contentment as I turned in his arms, burrowing my face into his chest and kissing the skin over his heart.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Brodryn murmured as he kissed me, his voice deeper and laced with sleep. I chuckled and kissed him back softly before stretching and groaning from how good it felt.

“What time are we heading out?” I ask as I look over to Echo’s bed and don’t see him but the shower is running so he’s still in the room.

“Once we’re all ready and have everything together we’ll head out. You need to eat since flying took a lot out of you last night. So while you shower I will go and get us some food while Echo stays in here with you.” He explained as he stood up and started to pull on his clothes, sitting on the bed as he put his shoes on and smiled at me as I pulled his hair back and braided it down his back, a happy rumble coming from his chest.

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