Sakshi approached them and crouched near the boy. The boy was not able to breathe properly. His pulse rate was going down and breathe rate was also falling. She called out for the ward boys and ordered them to carry the boy directly to the operation theatre. And she started to operate on him. She knew that she has wrath of certain someone to face but right now the only thing that clouded her mind was just the life of the boy who was lying in front of her.

After the stressful and hard going 3 hours she came out of the O.T. and found the family outside who ran to her as soon as they saw her coming out of O.T. and asked, “how is he?? He is out danger, right??? Nothing would happen to him, right???” and she nodded with a smile and said,” yes auntie. He is totally fine but still weak. Please take care of him.” And the lady blessed her, “god bless you child. Your parents must be blessed to have you as their child.” And with that Sakshi’s smile faltered but she still managed to give a fake smile which was exactly like her real smile but behind the family stood her best friend, Preethi, who can see through her and read her like an open book. She instructed the nurse to shift the boy to the ward and she’ll see him afterwards and walked past by them, excusing herself. She ran past Preethi and entered her cabin. She sat on the floor and started crying. There was this one quality she possesses that she can cry without letting a sound out. But that was becoming a threat to her own life. She was crying when she was hugged by someone and she very well knew who she was. She hugged her back and cried hysterically.

Half an hour passed she somewhat calmed down and Preethi made her look at herself. She wiped her tear-filled face and said, “why don’t you try to go back??? I am sure they must be wanting your presence as much as you need their presence. And we both know that they are craving for you. For their only daughter. You can’t possibly punish them for whole of their lives for something that happened years ago.” And Sakshi separated herself and lashed out, “I know they basically crave for me. Their only daughter. But the loss that I had gone through is not something I could ever forget. I am still not ready to let that go. Not ready to face them.” And before she could further say something the door burst open and in came Mr. Rudra Malhotra in all his glory. He had this angry look plastered on his face that clearly said ‘you better not mess with me’ and approached Sakshi with his predatory gaze fixed on her.

Sakshi motioned Preethi to move out for now. But Preethi knew better not to leave her alone when she is sensitive to her emotions and any hurtful words would break the dam she had built around her heart and moreover she very well knew what impact would Rudra’s words have on her. She moved out but still stood near the door so that whenever she feels her bestie is losing her control, she could always confront Rudra for her..

Leaving the two alone she moved out and Rudra approached Sakshi and stood just a cm away from her. He started, “What do you think you did in the board meeting room??? Who are you to oppose my decision???WHO GAVE YOU THE AUTHORITY TO OPPOSE MY DESCISION???”

And Sakshi just stared at him and said, “If you are forgetting let me remind you Mr. Malhotra, I am a surgeon whose patients reside in your very own hospital. Last time I checked I have total control on my patients and decisions regarding their health and you will not be in any authority to speak in the matters concerning the health of my patients.”

Rudra lost his patience that was hanging on loose strands and lashed out, “THEN MAY I ASK WHO IN THE NAME OF GOD WILL PAY FOR THE LOSSES THAT THE HOSPITAL IS GOING THROUGH??? YOUR PARENTS??” and Sakshi lost it…

Pointing her finger to him she lashed out, “DON’T YOU DARE TO GO TO MY PARENTS…!!!! I ALREADY MADE IT CLEAR THAT I WILL NOT TAKE A SINGLE PENNY FOR THE OPERATIONS AND TREATMENTS I DO…. AND THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU UTTERED WORDS WITH SUCH TONE FOR MY PARENTS AND CONCERNING YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT VIP ROOMS…. THIS IS A FREAKING HOSPITAL FOR GOD’S SAKE AND NOT SOME 7 STAR RESORT OR HOTEL THAT THEY SHOULD BE PROVIDED FACILITIES… in this whole world only hospitals are the place where every single being; either rich or poor; are treated with same respect; given same treatment, just please don’t mess with it… I request u for it…” and rushed out from the cabin towards the garden of hospital with Preethi hot on her heels behind her, and Rudra was rendered speechless by seeing this side of the silent girl who would always remain quiet whenever he confronted her in alone.

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