"I DON'T care so shut the heck up!" Sandra seemed deaf when Denver shouted at her the next day after he came home from a month -long business trip. "You know what, no matter what you do, I don't care. I don't care about how you feel or what the heck up! I don't care! Screw this pathetic girl."

Her tears streamed down through her cheek as her eyes heathens. She seemed to be pumped hard in her ear.  She could not properly digest what he said."Do you really hate me that much?" She asked him.

He turned his back to Sandra and glared intently to him. "I don't just hate you nor angry at you, I despise you. So hecking much." 

"Why? Why can't you open up yourself to me? I-"

"What the heck, human? Are you kidding me? Open up myself to you? Huh! Go find those screws you lost and fix your mind." He left her there while Sandra was standing in the middle of the house. When the whole household was quiet, she fell to the floor.

"Ma'am Sandra!" It was Emma. She help Sandra stand. She took her to the kitchen and took a glass of water. "I won't ask if you're okay, Ma'am. Because I know you're not."

Sandra smiled bitterly and her tears began to pour again. "I understand him. I understand why he hate me. I was the reason why he is married and tied in a relationship he doesn't want. I-- I cause trouble to him since that day. But, I don't deserve this, do I? I can't understand why I can't get at least respect? I am slowly losing myself. I am slowly losing my pride."

Emma hushed her. She stroke Sandra's back. "Everything will be all right, Ma'am. The day will come and you will be happy. The day will come and you will choose what will make you happy. The day will come and you will have nothing else to think about but those what can make you happy."

DENVER frustratedly slam his table and Cali can't help but to stare at him. This man is really getting into Cali's head. Iniwan na lang niya ito sa loob ng opisina niya at hinayaan doon si Denver.

Disgusted, Denver leaned back in his swivel chair and looked out of his glass window. He calmed himself. He try himself to refrain banging his own head because of what he did. He promised himself not to care about Sandra but shouting at her is not what he wanted to do.

So when he realized what had happened it was all too late. He closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath.  He knew from the moment he saw tears in her eyes, he fcked up. He knew he chose violence.

He hear his office door opens and his Mom step in. And here we go again. Madame Madelle noticed a different emotion on Denver's face.

"Why?" His Mom asked him.

"Are you here to scold me, Mom?" Madame Madelle eyebrows forrowed. 

"Huh? What you I-- Wait, what?"

Denver with his aching head got scolded. He wish he hadn't led his Mother. Wrong move, man.

'I AM expecting you to come home tonight. I know I am in fault too. I am sad but I am not angry. Please come home. I will wait for you.' 

Abby, his lover, read Sandra's message for him. Abby is in his lap. "Wow. I didn't know you have this kind of wife. Tsk. No need to be envy, I know I am better than her. Aren't I, my sweet?"

She start kissing Denver and her heart scream victory when Denver kissed her back. 

EMMA stayed up all night with Sandra. Miss Sandra stay up all nigth waiting for Denver and Emma stay up all night waiting for Sandra. 

"Ma'am, do you want something to drink?" Sandra turned to her and she signaled no. Emma smiled at her. Sanda was leaning against the door jamb and looking outside.

 She just took a sweater for Sandra to wear so she wouldn't get cold. "Thank you." That was until Sandra sat down at the door and leaned her head against the jamb.

Sandra just woke up in her room and she was covered with a blanket. 'Does he come home last night?' When she her eyes saw the clock hanging on her wall, she realized that it was eleven o'clock in the morning.

She bath and dressed herself with business attire. She didn't know. But she feel light headed as she dress herself up. When she got out of the room she immediately went to the kitchen and Denver was there holding a newspaper. She stepped back.

Emma saw her. "Miss Sandra, have your breakfast--I mean your lunch."  Denver's gaze followed where Emma was looking.  He saw Sandra skeptical.

"Join me." Denver said simply before he refocused his gaze on the newspaper he was holding. Sandra's hand is getting wet. It's disgusting, but she can't help but to get nervous. If she will dine with him, it'll be their first dine together. She smiled sadly and sat near him.

Emma grabbed her a plate. Emma also poured water on her glass. She took a fried eggs, two sausages and tocino. She also took some fried rice. "Would you like me to make you some milk, Miss Alma? Or would you like some soup? You haven't eaten last night--"

Disgusted, Emma closed her eyes tightly and slowly left the kitchen. "You didn't eat?" Sandra flinched.

"I-- I was waiting for y-you." Denver just stare at her and Sandra lowers her eyes. 

"It seems that you are going to work?" Sandra just nodded. "I will take you there."

WHEN Denver left her in front of her boutique, her knees seemed to weaken. She's overjoyed. Do God finally hear her prayers? She seemed to be crying for joy.

 "Ma'am Sandra! Welcome back!"  From behind her is her co-designer. She hugged her and then kissed Sandra's cheek.

"It seems that something inspire me to do more sketches today." She laughed at her co-worker.

DENVER gripped his steering wheel tight. 

'Denver. Continue doing this to Sandra. Let me know if you are already tired and I will take off everything to you. My son, this is you mother talking to you. You know I take everything serious.'

He stepped on the gas and let the car go fast and faster. This is making him go insane. 'If it isn't because of you, I would still be living well. I hate you, Sandra. I hate you!'

Meanwhile, Sandra received a message from her husband saying he won't pick her up. She knows. It's just that she is happy that at least he informed her. 

"Oh my! It's you!" A woman approached her.

"It's you right?! My sister!" Said the woman and then laughed out loud. Even Sandra's co -workers are distracted by them.

"Excuse me?" 

"Can I call you big sister?" Sandra frowned because she didn't know what this woman was pointing at.

"What are you talking about?" The woman laughed at her.

"What? Do you not know me-- Oh! I am sorry. Tsk. He didn't told you?"

'Who?' Sandra looked at her confused. 

"I am Abby Constella. You are Sandra De Luna-- Oh, right. Sandra Ybarra? Ah, Ybarra suites my name more." Sandra just turned her back on the woman but she stopped when she heard the last thing she said.

"I'll call you Big Sister then. We share one husband afterall. Anyway, nice to meet you, Sandra!" The people in the shop were shocked to hear that even more when Sandra got down on her knees.

"Ma'am Sandra!" Sandra's tears burst out. Her chest feels heavy. It suffocates her. While holding onto her co-designer blouse hem, she faints and all she know is she's hurt.

SHE woke up in a room with white ceiling and suffocating smells, medecines. "Doc, she's awake!" Emma informed the nearest doctor while Madame Madelle is holding her hand. 

"Are you okay? Is something hurting you? What do you want? Is your head alright? Are you not hurt? Tell me if you're hurt." Seeing Madame Madelle make her cry. 

"Sandra!" Tina came in holding a bag of food. "Sandra!"

Sandra just smiled to them and mouthed, 'I am okay.'

They took good care of Sandra.  Fortunately, they were always there for her. "Why did you faint? What happened?" Tina asked her and Madame Madelle adverted her eyes. Sandra thought, 'She knows.'

"Nothing. I am okay."

"I think it's because she go to bed late, Ma'am Tina. It's three o'clock when she go to bed."

"Ayst. Why did you let her stay up late?!" She shushed Tina. 

"The important thing is, I'm okay. I feel good now. It's just a fatigue. The doctor even confirms it." 

That night Emma accompanied Tina to sleep in their house and left Madame Madelle to watch over her.  "I am sorry, Sandra."

Sandra smiled at her. "It's okay, Mom. It's okay."

But Madelle feel her heart tighten. 'This is all my fault.' 

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