Chapter 14

Getting to their packhouse, I growled when I saw Melana’s car parked in the driveway. This is exactly why I didn’t want to come here. I was not listening to the two go at it all night, the thought alone making my blood boil.

“What is she doing here?” Ace says before sighing.

“You best get rid of her Ace, I don’t want her around the packhouse '' Tyson tells him pulling in next to her car, the paint flaking off from where I squirted the brake fluid on her car. Great, now I need to listen to her bitching and moaning. Ace jumps out as soon as the car stops marching around to the front of the packhouse. I remain in the car and Tyson looks over the backseat at me.

“Come on Lucy” He says, opening his car door. I remained in my seat not wanting to go inside if Melana was staying. I much rather go to the river than listen to her all night.

Tyson opens my car doo

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goodnovel comment avatar
When Lucy finds out she need to dump Ace ass cus he shouldn’t care about Melana especially how she was talking shit ablit his mate then fought her
goodnovel comment avatar
Leigh G
never heard of mates being so nonchalant about their mate as these two ...the storyline is actually annoying and boring so far...for a jessica hall book not impressed!!

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