Chapter 15

Walking down the hallway, I hear Tyson walk back inside but quickly rush to the bathroom. I lock the door before turning on the shower. Getting undressed, I hear Tyson knock on the bathroom door.

“Lucy, are you okay?” Tyson asks.

“Fine, just showering” I tell him, I was actually excited to use hot water, the river was freezing and you wanted to jump out as soon as you got in. “I will grab you some clothes” Tyson says and I hear him walk off, his feet loud on the floorboards. I stepped in enjoying the hot water as it cascaded down my back before grabbing the soap. The tension in my body is loosening. I will never take hot water for granted again I thought to myself as the room steamed up, the scent of camomile soap filling the room.  

I wash myself before quickly washing my hair. I really needed to trim it, it was getting ridiculously long. I was brushing my fingers through it, try

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Jessie Andrews
Love this book it’s amazing story line
goodnovel comment avatar
I want Lucy to reject Ace he should not have went after her
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t either. Kinda grosses me out to think about keeping my toothbrush where people wash their asses lol

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