Chapter 26

Lucy POV

the next day

Why did I think this was a good idea? I know I needed to finish school, but this, this was torture as I walked the halls to my next class. On the plus side not one person said anything but I think that was more to do with the fact that Jacob was with me most of the morning while he helped with my enrollment. I needed an adult to sign my papers and I wasn’t asking my mother or stepfather. I probably could have asked Tyson or Ace but they would have suggested I went to the one on their territory.

Walking into English the teacher nodded to the chair up the back of the room, the only seat left. I was happy to be at the back and no one could see me. Pulling out my english book from my last school. I found a blank page. I would need to find a way to get new books as mine were almost full. On the plus side I wasn’t behind in classes because I was always in the advanced classes at my boarding school and being

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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary McMahon
I don't think it is Reika but Amanda that acts so horrible towards Lucy....just don't know why
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Behm
Why are Ryker and Reika acting so despondent? Why are they acting like Lucy is a disgrace? Book 4 version of them, they were a family unit.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffanie Smith
I wish she would just go be with Tyson. He would protect her and help her heal. Just like Lana did with Tate.

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