Chapter 31


I was parked out the front of Avery and Aamon’s house, it was a cottage style house. She had three houses but this was the main one she lived in with Aamon. From the moment I found out Lucy had been on these pills since she was 12 it had been eating at me, now standing out the front of the witch hybrid’s house I couldn’t bring myself to go knock on her door and ask her.

I didn’t want to be to blame for her depression yet Atticus even grew silent within me, he wholeheartedly believed we were at fault for it too, it was too much of a coincidence that we found out she was our mate when she was 12 and she went on these pills at the same age.

“Do you plan to sit outside and admire the house, or are you casing the joint?” Aamon says misting beside me and sitting in the passenger seat. I jumped the moment I heard his voice, burnt almonds filling my nostrils.


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goodnovel comment avatar
I knew it!!!! I was right!! Yayyyy!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
can't wait for Lucy to finally meet her wolf and be whole again!
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda Cook
OMG!!! Lucys Wolf may not be dead after all!!! Omg, i cant wait to get to the bottom of this one!!! I really hope her wolf comes back to lucy!!

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