Chapter 60

Tyson  kisses  me gently, his lips moving against mine and he sucks my bottom lip in his mouth. Sparks rush over my skin when grinds his hips against mine.  His erection pressing against me and I  gasp  at the  feel of the sparks rushing over  my skin  straight to  my clit.

His lips devouring mine as he  tastes every inch of my mouth, his  tongue demanding as it fights mine  for dominance which I let  him  have. Tyson's hand moves down my side  and he  growls against my lips  when he palms my breast. Arousal flooding me when his  thumb brushes over my  nipple making it  harden under his touch. I roll my hips against him, my hand moving down the hard muscles of his chest and down his abs to the  waistband of his boxer shorts. I tug  on the waistband pushing it  down a little and Tyson pushes them down, his cock springing spree of it’s confines

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Tonya Horinek
That was very nice and sweet! Just what she needed...what they both needed to experience together!! I'm happy! :-)
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Whitaker
um I don't think that she will be going back to school cause of the humiliation that she suffered there. besides she's 18 she can have a baby with them if she wants too and I was kinda hoping that they would all be together so that Ace could help Tyson get a better angle on things.
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Whitaker
no shit huh

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