Chapter 62

Melana POV

Josie glances at her watch, “I think the shift change is about to happen” She says before she suddenly starts climbing down. I reluctantly followed, grabbing the bag on my way down that was hanging from a branch. When we get to the ground we hide in shrubs looking at the bridge. The patrols have been tighter than ever and we needed to get across to set the plans in motion but we also needed to be smart. If anyone was alerted to us stepping across we would find ourselves in deep shit.

“Ok once the new shift patrol takes over, you take out one, I will take out the other” Josie says pulling the dart guns out.

“That will give us 6 hours before the next shift comes on and we can drag them out of sight” Josie tells me and I nod.  We watched the patrols talk, Ace was speaking with them along with Jacob when he turned looking in our direction. We manage to duck

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Comments (10)
goodnovel comment avatar
Damn Lucy can’t catch a break!!! Really her only friend did this to her
goodnovel comment avatar
Star Bigelow
Noooo why did it have to be Mitchel, something told me he maybe the person. I knew they were close but I felt it wasn't true. poor lucy
goodnovel comment avatar
I was not expecting Mitchell! This is so crazy

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