Chapter 71

My breath hitches as sparks rush south. My nipple hardens as he  continues to brush his thumb over it, his  other hand moving to my hip. I swallow, my brain losing all train of thought at the feel of his touch and his  gaze made me squirm as I  tried  to regather some sense, but  that flew out the window the moment his lips  crashed against mine. His tongue delves between my lips and he growls deep in the  back of  his throat.

His tongue is demanding, there was nothing gentle or sensual with the way he  kissed me, it  was hungry  and hot blooded, igniting a fire inside me that had my blood singing. His tongue tasted every inch with an aggressive  desire that made my pussy clench  air forcing my thighs to slap shut to stop the throbbing between my thighs. My back  hits the tiled wall harshly making  me gasp at the impact and I  kiss  him back with the same intensity, loving

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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh come on. How come she is so forgiving. At least make them suffer a bit more ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Francis M Torres
definitely he is selfish and in competition with Tyson
goodnovel comment avatar
Agreed. Should have broken his nose instead

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