Chapter 81

Lucy POV

“What do you mean?” I snap, taking a step toward her. Melana steps back, but Tyson drops a hand on my shoulder, holding it firmly.

“Alpha Jamie always spoke if this place in the woods, his holiday retreat, near some small town, but you said you can’t track Beryl?” Melana asks while turning to look at Aamon. He shakes his head.

“What about Josie? Could Avery track her using my blood? We are biological sisters; I know witches need an item of the one they are tracking; would my blood be enough?” Melana asks, and we all look at Aamon.

“Possibly, but Avery is pretty weak; she can’t use magic right now,” Aamon says. Tears burned in the back of my eyes, and I couldn’t take it anymore. There was always some barrier stopping us from finding them. Instead, turning on my heel, I leave.

“Lucy, wait,” Tyson calls.

“Let her calm down; she basically lost her

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Anna Adams
Please tell me this is not where it stops
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Thank God! I was getting sick and tired of going on any stories to read this. That website sucks
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Katrina Martin
What there was nothing in this chapter

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