A year later

We had just got home from the waterfalls, today was a real scorcher, so we decided to go swimming, mum and dad moved out a couple of months ago, and we were glad to have the house back to ourselves. Though, I would miss mum terrible cooking and Rayan's constant "I'm bored,"

I rushed into the house, intending to shower, as I screamed, "I call dibs," racing toward the bathroom. Three days in a row, we had run out of hot water, and I was not freezing again. Yesterday the water was so cold my nipples practically turned inverted to escape the torrents of icy water. But not today, Satan, not today, that hot water is mine. They could have shriveled balls; my titties weren't freezing because they used all the water again. Stripping off as I ran down the hallway, I darted in, slamming the door behind me.


That is the end of the Hybrid Series for now guys. Unsure if I will continue the series later on but have left it open in case I do.

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Destiny Russell
What happened to Lucy's wolf? Why would you finally give her one just to take it the same day! Such a disappointment! There is still so much not finished with this book! ughhh! I hate when books end with so much left unknown. ......
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Christabelle Newman
I loved each book. I really would love to read more. I would have thought that Lucy got pregnant from Ace from their one time without protection. Please write more...️
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Jamie _
the end? THE END? I have so many questions!! how was Amanda able to reappear!? and why was she all the sudden ok with Lucy!? did she get to stay? is she not crazy anymore? what about Mitchell!? how did Mitchell get out of the cells? did he reunite with his mate?
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