Not everyone got the luxury of watching the 3D version

Suspense they say is thrilling but also pretty terrific. We are at the brink of it all, we are the most influential and powerful family yet we currently sit at the mercy of Bastiana while she enjoys the torture she is meting to us.

"Defeating an ancient warlock won't be easy and to be two steps ahead. We need a seer." She took Dad's hands and they both rose together.

A proud smile was on dad's face and there was silent jubilation in our eyes. We finally have an elder on our side and she can perhaps combat with the warlock magically.

"And I can't think straight with this throbbing head and bleeding body."

I bobbed my head and bit a chunk of my hand before filling a wine glass with the droplets of my blood. The blood of vampires can help heal up all kinds of wounds on any supernatural species and fragile humans.

Bastiana accepted the glass and drank my blood with a gulp while her face mirrored disgust. Her scars began healing and her cuts closed back till her skin was as good as new.

She took a napkin to wipe out the blood that stained her skin before leading us out of the chamber and into the main hall where her students were gathered. From their looks, I could tell they varied from young teenagers to their early thirties. The older witches sat at the last corner as they all worked on a ring in silence. While the younger ones kept studying an ancient grimoire. From the look of fear they shared while peeping at Bastiana with a corner of their eyes, I could tell it was hers. It was probably passed on from generation to generation to school young witches.

Bastiana took us to the front of the hall and snapped her fingers at the guy that kept trying to revive the flowers and he came out holding a beautiful rose flower which means he succeeded in his task.

His skin was pale and white and his blonde bangs shielded a part of his eyes. He looked like he was in his late twenties.

"Aaron, would you be a darling and help us peek into the future of my friends here." The elder witch smiled at the boy.

"Right, but I would prefer to show them and not tell them." His voice came out husky and bold which was surprising considering his skinny frame.

He stretched his hand towards me and positioned his neck to dad. We both shared a look before sinking our fangs in his skin and there everything was laid bare before us. 

There was blood all around the cemetery with lots of witches and vampires collecting each other's hearts via magic or by force. The ancient warlock was present and he stood still with a huge smile while watching havoc wreak. it all happened so fast and the vision became darker, vague, and fast. The last glimpse I caught was holding my mother's frail body and immediately I threw Aaron's hand away and began to breathe so fast.

Dad stared at mom with confusion and we both kept trying to steady our breath after the agonizing vision.

"That is a bloody lie." Dad picked a vase and smashed it against a tomb.

"I'm afraid not, Cedric. You saw it yourself so you weren't fed fairy tales." Aaron wiped his bloody hand and neck and went back inside.

"No, it can't be." I shook my head at dad.

"Can somebody tell us what the vision entailed? Not everyone got the luxury of watching the 3D version." Mom crossed her arms and wiggled her brows at us.

"Look who is hosting parties without me. I hope I'm not late, mon amour." A tall dark man with a ginormous black hat said as he walked towards us with a huge snake coiling around his shoulders. Two women dressed in black suits accompanied him.

The atmosphere was as silent as a graveyard the moment the visitors walked in. As much as I would love to call it a metaphor, it was so real and the air was so brittle that it could snap any time.

The dark man walked towards us and stopped a few feet away. He smiled at Dad and muttered. "Cedric, on se revoit. We meet again."

"And oh! Forgive my manners, let me give the introductions since my old friend decided to keep you in the dark. I'm Lucindo D Aboville."

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