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#The Bayou#


#Kate Marshall#

A meeting with Father Kinley

♥Elena's POV♥

It is said that when a werewolf dies, the body is placed on several wooden bamboo sticks right in the water body of the bayou. Friends and families will pay their respect as well as throw flowers at the corpse before lighting a match with an arrow, firing at the corpse, and being allowed to dive through the water while desiccating.

Kate Marshall used to be an Alpha of the Eris pack and her burial won't be any different from the tradition of the wolves. Today is the day she must be buried and all her pack must howl in sync as a sign of acceptance that she was really gone. 

The Bayou is centered on the outskirt of Los Angeles and it is a piece of nature. It feels like mother earth decided to explore her creativity on this land exclusively meant for the wolves. There are huge old trees with strong bark that must have existed for thousands of years. Amo
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