Tell me, have you ever been skinned alive?

♥Suzy's POV♥

Usually I'm not always one to get involved in things that don't concern my life, my family, and Elena, but seeing Amanda trying so hard to get Hilda to bury the hatchet made me want to contribute although I can't tell if it's because of her alluring beauty or her soft voice but the fact remains unchanged and that is she is willing to make amends so Hilda should give her the benefit of the doubt and move on with her.

"When I screamed harder, I meant the sex and not the entire relationship, Amanda, you fucked me up." Hilda paced around her room, throwing things around and breaking fragile objects like the painting of a mermaid in ceramic porcelain we got from china two hundred years ago and that hurt me to my bone marrow.

"And that is why I will always apologize, I'm sorry Hilda, at least invite me in so you can see that I have changed." Her tender baritone pleaded.

"I don't invite cunning foxes to my home, leave my window side and let me
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