Fangs and wands

It has been twenty-four hours since the incident happened. The FBI visited the murder scene and tapped the place as a district area. They found only Amanda's corpse with her fangs retracted and her claws removed. We left them with the brain-tasking job of finding out what kind of monster she is and why she was killed in that horrific way.

Hilda's corpse was placed in a wooden coffin made with the finest and darkest shade of brown with a huge 'H' accessory adorning it. Her body was placed in there with the cover opened while we mourned her. She was a great warrior and a friend. She had the best intentions for all with a weird way of showing emotions. But from her history of what happened a century again, we understood her better.

"Come!" Suzy beckoned on me. For the first time in history, she wasn't wearing a skimpy outfit. She was draped in a long black gown to honor Hilda. An effort I commended. I was impressed with her character development.

"I stood up from the liv
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